Are You Ready for T-Commerce?



The online retail landscape is changing fast. And the change is being driven by tablets. T-Commerce is the new e-commerce.

According to eMarketer, $24 billion will be spent by consumers shopping on their tablets this year and that amount will likely double by 2015.  Contrast M-commerce (mobile) estimated growth will be lower at $13.44 billion for 2013 and $24.32 billion in 3 years’ time.





Is your company’s website ready for T-commerce?

Where do you start?

Start with your existing site.  While it is ok for shoppers to access traditional websites on their tablet, consumers may encounter issues.  Some old web elements like flash will not work on a tablet. Tablets are for tapping and desktops are for mouse-clicking.  The way you hover on a site using a mouse won’t work on a tablet. So having a site that works on tablet is crucial.

Creating a Great T-Commerce Experience

It’s easy to get lost in the tablet vs mobile dilema.  Many think that M-commerce and T-commerce are basically the same thing.  When the scramble to create mobile-optimized sites arose, companies quickly jumped on board.  Now that tablets are here, many sites simply redirect their tablet users to sites that are mobile-optimized.  BIG MISTAKE!

The way we defined mobile is changing.  We can’t lump together all online-buying activities from a mobile device as m-commerce.  Tablets offer more screen real estate and can deliver more information compared to an m-commerce site.  Consistency in the quantity of the content is paramount in creating a better user experience.

HTML5 Is King

HTML5 paved the way for developers to build a rich customer experience online.  Aside from that, it enabled developers to add must-have features and functionality for tablet-friendly sites.

While it is widely accepted that Apple’s iPad is dominating the tablet landscape, many retail sites still use Flash – which Apple (along with most tablet manufacturers) does not support.  The move to HTML5 entails some new development costs, not to mention production delays.

Analyze Your Data and Set Goals

As with any new initiative, careful analysis of data must be considered. Doing experiments and testing can enable you to create a site that’ll increase sales and provide more value to your customers.

As  retailer you can’t ignore T-commerce. Our prediction is that it will end up taking over both e-commdrce and m-commerce in the not too distant future.

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