Nielsen’s Expansion of the Household Definition Is A Sign of Things to Come

It wouldn’t be surprising at all that Cameron Yuill, founder and CEO of AdGent Digital, thinks Nielsen’s expansion of TV’s home plate will be a boon for his business, which is creating tablet platforms for advertisers. Not only is there a general migration to the tablet from PCs but pretty clearly in the “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” way, that a tablet is just the right size for a certain kind of viewing—not ginormous, not tiny.

The Nielsen announcement is “fantastic for us,” he says. Once there are some numbers underpinning tablet TV viewership, he says, “I can see brands moving their spend to tablets. We’re at the edge of a Golden Age.”

It is to Yuill’s credit that he is quick to remind a reporter that, of course, he’s pre-disposed to think that way, but he has a point when he says the tablet has one peculiar quality that TV does not: Yuill says “It’s tactile. Touching creates a relationship. It’s really a fundamental difference for advertisers.”

Then again, there’s a lot of that going around.

*An earlier version of this blog said the Nielsen changes would only result in a ratings change of six-tenths of a percent. Nielsen explains it will initially result in a six-tenths percent increase in the size of its television universe.

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